Hehr 8700 Series Radius Torque RV Window

If you are looking to purchase from the 8700 Series please use the above Quote Form. We only carry 8756, and 8766 variations. 

The 8700 Series is a high-strength, durable radius corner RV window.


A torque Awning provides “protected” ventilation for RV travelers in rainy weather.


Opening the vents creates an awning, so the window can be opened for fresh air while channeling water outward from the vehicle wall.


The window can stand alone or be used to complement other window styles in your vehicle, and it can be manufactured in various configurations for use throughout the unit.


Clamp ring mount provides a smooth exterior with an aerodynamic, automotive look.


Spring loaded torque arms do not rattle or flutter. Vents close tightly.


                                                     Removable screen keeps bugs out, and makes vent cleaning easy.






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