RV Operator Replacement Bottom Mount

Operator Removal:

Crank the RV or Motor Home window open slightly for working room and to relieve tension on the torque mechanism.  Remove the operator knob and screen.  Remove the E-rings holding the short torque arms to the pivot bars and pry them off.  Drill out the rivet heads holding the operator and the bushing (at the opposite end of the torque tube) using a power drill.  Knock out the rivets with a drift punch. Lift the torque tube at the bushing end and rotate so that the bushing is lifted up and out of the channel.  Once the bushing and torque tube are removed, the operator can be pried out.

Operator Installation:

Place the new operator into the channel.  Turn the handle counterclockwise as far as it will go.  Insert the torque tube with its torque arms rotated fully upward.  Be sure the same end of the tube goes into the operator.  Raise the opposite end of the tube high enough to slip on the bushing.  Lower the bushing and tube into place and align the holes.  Re-secure the operator either with pop rivets or small machine screws, star washers and nuts.  Use the same technique on the bushing.  Re-attach the torque arms to the link arms and slide the E-rings into place.  Slide the knob onto the operator shaft and open and close the RV window, checking for smooth operation.  If satisfactory, replace the screen and secure the operator knob onto its shaft using the screw provided.