RV Glass Replacement Square Torque Stationary


All glass, including any type of safety glass, carries some potential danger in handling.  For safety reasons always use protective eyewear and gloves, in a well lit area when working with glass.

Removing the Stationary Pane:

The stationary pane is attached to the window frame with rivets.  Drill these out with a power drill bit.

Disassembling the Stationary Pane:

Working on a flat surface, remove the four screws holding the assembly together at the corners.  Working from a corner, carefully work the aluminum frame off the vinyl U-channel which surrounds the glass.  There are lightweight pieces and are bent easily.  Be careful when removing them.  Peel the vinyl U-channel off the edge of the glass.

Assembling the Stationary with New Glass:

Reverse the process above. If the aluminum frame pieces do not push on with reasonable force, check to see that the replacement glass is not thicker then that previously used.  If they are otherwise OK, try placing a small board on the backside of the aluminum and gently tapping it onto the glass with a small mallet.  Once the aluminum frame pieces are on the glass and square, replace the four frame screws.  At this time, re-caulk all areas previously caulked, since disassembly has broken the caulk seal.  Replace the stationary pane onto the front of the window, aligning the holes.  The frame may be re-secured with sheet metal screws or pop rivets.