RV Operator Replacement Side Operator-Top Mount


Operator Removal:

Open the RV or Motor Home window completely to give yourself working room.  Remove the operator knob.  Remove the screen.  Remove the E-rings which connect the torque arm to the link arm and carefully pry them apart.  Using a suitable screwdriver, loosen the screws holding the torque rod bushing to the frame.  Pry the bushing loose and allow it to drop down.  This will allow you to pull the torque tube, springs, and torque arm assembly from the operator.  Remove the screws holding the operator in place.  Pry the operator out of the channel and remove it.

Operator Installation:

Using the operator knob, turn the operator shaft fully counter-clockwise.  Slide it into the channel and align the holes.  Screw the operator into place using the screws provided.  Rotate the torque tube assembly so that it fits snugly into the operator.  Place the bushing onto the opposite end and slide it up into place under the mullion.  Align the holes of the bushing and frame.  Reinstall the bushing using the screws provided.  Attach the torque arms to the link arms and secure them with the E-rings.  Slide the knob onto the operator shaft.  Open and close the vent to check for smooth operation.  If satisfactory, snap the screen into place.  Install the operator knob onto the shaft, using the screws provided.