How to Replace A Balance Sash, Step-By-Step

How to Replace A Balance Sash For a Vinyl Window:

A Balance Sash helps to counterbalance the weight of the window sash so that it can be easily opened and closed.

With our easy measurement and installation instructions, replacing your old balance sash on your will be no problem! 

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you replace your balance sash by doing it yourself:


Step 1: Locate and Position.

 Take out the Clip as shown.

Step 2: Sash Removal: 

Raise the sash until the balances contact the Take-Out clips (see Fig.3) 

Continue by lifting the sash up off of the balances.

Shift one side of sash into the frame jamb.

Swing opposite side of the sash out of the jamb.

Remove the sash from the window frame.


Step 3: Old Balance Removal:

Grasp the balance firmly and push down a few inches to free the top of the balance from the Take-Out clip.

Still holding the balance, firmly pull up on balance until the hook on the bottom of the balance disengages from the window frame.

Fig. 3


Step 4: Installation of the new balances (repeat step 1)

Position the tip of the hook into the slot in the window frame. (see Fig.1)

With a firm grip, pull down on the balance and position the top of the balance under the Take-Out clip as shown in Fig. 3


Step 5: To Replace the Sash

Place one side of the sash into the frame jamb so that it is above the balance. 

Swing the sash into the frame.

Centralize the sash in the frame and slide it downwards to engage balances.

Push in and take out clips.