Balance Sash For Kinro Window

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Model Number:  KMH Balance Sash
Time To Ship:  14 days

Tempered Balance Sash For Kinro vinyl Window.  With easy measurement and installation instructions. Ships within 24 hours.

  • Balance Sash; Block & Tackle
  • Kinro 1500 Vinyl Manufactured Window
  • Fits Window Sizes- Please Specify Above 14W x 39H
    • 14W x 42H
    • 24W x 39H
    • 24W x 58H
    • 30W x 36H
    • 30W x 39H
    • 30W x 58H
    • 36W x 58H
    • 36W x 58H
    • 40W x 39H
    • 42W x 58H
    • 46W x 39H
    • 46W x 48H
    • 46W x 54H
    • 46W x 58H
    • 46W x 58H
    • The non-annealed glass is no longer used on any windows. 
  • Sold & Priced Individually
  • How to replace Balance Sash   <-- Click this link for diagram.

Product Photo
Product Photo