RV Roof Vent Covers & Lids

This vent cover is made of high quality plastic. Designed to fit over your existing RV roof vent, this replacement lid will help keep out rain and snow while allowing fresh air inside. It comes in a variety of sizes, making it suitable for most RVs, travel trailers and camper vans.

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Aeroflo Vent Cover
Model Number: 27-42-AERO

Price $44.42

Elixir 2000 Old Style Vent Lid
Model Number: 27-42-Elixir

Price $48.88

Jensen New Style Vent Lid
Model Number: 27-42-Jensen-New

Price $31.92

Jensen Old Style Pin Hinge Replacement Lid prior to 1994
Model Number: 27-42-Jensen-Old

Price $28.50

MaxxAir II Vent Cover
Model Number: 27-42-MaxxAirII

Price $73.78

Non-Powered Vent
Model Number: 27-42-VENT

Price $50.78

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