Kinro Manufactured Home Window Components

Window parts sometimes malfunction. Pelland Enterprises has provided a selection of the most common replacement parts for mobile home or manufctured home windows. All pictures are enlarged to illustrate details. If you don't see what you need please call, and we will do our best to source your mobile home window parts.



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Balance Sash For Kinro Window
Model Number: KMH Balance Sash

Price $17.39

Horizontal Slider Sash Wheels
Model Number: KMH01519-2

Price $3.41

Keyed Cylinder For Patio Door
Model Number: KMH1618-10

Price $49.79

Kinro Glaze Bead
Model Number: KMH01507-02

Price $10.40

Kinro SASH STOPS - Vinyl White
Model Number: KMH01512-02

Price $1.30

Kinro Screen Finger Pulls
Model Number: KMH01527-00

Price $1.28

Kinro Screen Spring
Model Number: KMH02065-1

Price $1.66

Mortise Lock 2300-10 For Patio Doors
Model Number: KMH1618-03

Price $29.26

Patio Door Handle & Lock Set
Model Number: KMH7502-02

Price $135.20

Screen Door Roller Assembly
Model Number: KMH1631-2

Price $22.13

Vinyl Patio Door Weep Hole Covers
Model Number: KMHRP1616-1

Price $1.84

Vinyl Patio Door Wheels (Rollers)
Model Number: KMH1608-01

Price $20.80

Vinyl Repair Kit - SMALL
Model Number: 1690-02- Small

Price $139.52

Vinyl Window Sash Lock
Model Number: KMH101515-02

Price $15.60

Vinyl Window Take Out Clips
Model Number: KMH186501-1

Price $0.88

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