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Hehr 5900 Radius SliderThe 5900 is a premium quality window with a flush, automotive look. It is a versatile radius corner window used in motor homes, trailers, vans, boats, and other applications.

The 5900 can be manufactured in various configurations for use throughout the unit. Inside clamp ring mount for a smooth exterior.

Clamp rings are available to fit a variety of wall thickness. Sliding panels move smoothly, and secure positively into place.

The window uses an automotive style black lock or full length pull bar with cam latch. Safety glass, in clear or a variety of available tints, is standard.

Stationary windows may be ordered with laminated glass for front facing applications. Frames are coated with a long-lasting black or white mar-resistant finish.

All lites may be re-glazed without removing the window from the wall unit.

Removable charcoal mesh screens are standard. The frame, clamp ring and screen are color coordinated.



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***Looking from the outside of your unit, the arrow shows which direction the window would slide.

***If the window is a passenger/driver slider the window would slide forward to the front of the coach as to not open when in motion.




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