RV Glass Replacement 5900 Series Slider


1.  Replacing the Large Section of Stationary Glass

Before replacing broken or damaged glass be sure adequate precaution have been taken to avoid injury

It is not necessary to remove the window from the vehicle to replace broken or damage glass.

To remove damaged glass.

  1. Insert a putty knife between the metal frame and the vinyl glazing bead.

  2. Gently push the putty knife into the vinyl bead, directly between the metal frame and the glazing bead.  Move the tool back and forth until the bead separates enough to be pulled free.

    1. Contoured Glass only
      • If the glass is not broken remove the metal clip by placing a putty knife between the clip and window frame.  Gently rock the putty knife back and forth while moving it fro end of the clip to other
      • Wrap tape around the prying end of the putty knife to avoid damaging the paint on the window.
      • Note how the vinyl bead and the metal clip locks onto the frame.  This information is essential to replace the bead correctly
  3. After removing the damaged glass from the frame, use the putty knife to clean the sealing compound from the frame surface.  DO NOT LOSE ANY PLASTIC GLASS SPACERS (black plastic pieces about two inches long and one quarter inch wide).  these spacers will be re-used
  4. After removing the sealing compound and glass, apply new sealing tape (1/16" thick and 1/4" wide) to the frame surface.  Replace the plastic spacers by putting two on the bottom of the ledge, where the glass will rest, and one on each side.
  5. If the original glass was safety glass, the replacement must also be safety glass.
  6. If the replacement is safety glass, you will receive 1/8" flat glass.  This glass is used in both flat and contoured windows.  Make sure the glass overlaps the window frame 1/4" on all sides.

If the window is contoured, insert the metal clip first.  Begin rolling and pressing the glazing bead into place.  Work the bead from the corner toward the center of each side.  The bead will do into place much easier if it is warm and well lubricated with a water based solution.  Soaking the glazing bead in a pan filled with hot soapy water will work if nothing else is available.