RV Bottom Board

Used as a vapor barrier for mobile homes.  Comes in many sizes. Can be used to patch small holes cuts or tears.  Most commonly used to protect entire under belly.

Mobile Flex and Flex-Mend Tape Available In Different Sizes and Lengths.

Flex-Mend Tape is a neat, fast, permanent, and inexpensive way to mend holes, cuts and tears in most mobile home bottom closure materials. A woven polyethylene film that meets all requirements for use as bottom board. It is solid coated with specialty formulated, high tech adhesive, and has an easy to remove release liner.

Mobile Flex- A special bottom closure, woven from black high density polyethylene and extrusion coated with a continuous layer of low density polyethylene.



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Carpet Armour 23.5" x 200'
Model Number: 26-CS-351311

Price $91.73

Do-It-Yourself- Repair Kit
Model Number: 26-FM-3956

Price $32.00

Flex Mend Tape 6" x 180'
Model Number: 26-FM-711T

Price $144.00

Flex Mend Tape 8" x 180'
Model Number: 26-FM-911T

Price $121.42

Flex-Mend Tape 28" x 25'
Model Number: 26-FM-3936

Price $96.00

Flex-Mend Tape 28" x 50'
Model Number: 26-FM-3961

Price $192.00

Flex-Mend Tape 4" x 180'
Model Number: 26-FM-511T

Price $96.00

Mobile Flex 172" x 4'
Model Number: 26-BB-2515

Price $14.00

Mobile Flex 172" x 80'
Model Number: 26-BB-2591

Price $310.61

Mobile Flex 30" x 100'
Model Number: 26-BB-211

Price $74.61

Zippered Access Panel
Model Number: 26-FM-2929

Price $9.20

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