Mobile Flex 172" x 4'

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Model Number:  26-BB-2515
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  • Mobile Flex
  • Non-Adhesive
  • 172 inches x 4 Feet

A special bottom closure woven from black high density polyethylene and extrusion coated with a continuous layer of low density polyethylene. the material is uniform in quality with no weak spots. It's beach puncture resistance is more than five times the minimum established by HUD. Staple hold out is excellent. Penetrations and cuts will not spread and can be easily patched using our Flex-Mend Tape.

Moisture- Mobile flex is totally impervious to water. It's strength can not be adversely affected by moisture. Because of it's black polyethylene coating, Mobile Flex qualifies as a vapor barrier. Technical report # 19757 from Chicago Paper Testing Laboratory, Inc., reports the material to have an average perm rating of 0.037

Durability- Mobile Flex is produced from a material that has been tested for durability and weatherability. After seven years of continuous, direct exposure to the elements in Arizona, the material retained 70% of it's strength. The tapes and coatings are both chemically tested to ensure maximum performance.

Flammability- Mobile Flex is classified as to surface burning characterisics. Mobile Flex tested out to zero flame spread and zero smoke developed.




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