RV Skylight - Interior

Easy Installation Instructions for Skylight Garnish

Each skylight garnish has a recommended roof hole opening depending on size. This opening should have a perimeter of ΒΌ" greater than the inside perimeter of the garnish itself (see figure 1 for reference)

  1. Center the garnish over the skylight opening
  2. Use the screw embosses in the skylight flange, fasten in place using self-tapping #8 x 1" pan head screws, or pre-drill making sure to keep screws perpendicular to the garnish. NOTE: Screws should be torqued down tight enough to hold the garnish in place. DO NOT over tighten screws as this will cause stress at the screw point and possibly result in cracks forming


RV Skylight Garnish Compatible Cleaners

The following commercial cleaning products are readily available and are quite safe when properly used:

DUO Plastic Cleaner for Bath and Kitchen, Fantastik, Ivory Soap in a water solution, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pine Sol, Formula 409, Windex, Simple Green and Spic and Span. NOTE: Cleaning products must be bleach and ammonia free


Skylight Garnish Heavy-Duty Cleaning Products

The following products are safe and recommened for a deep cleaning!

Oops, Soft Scrub, Turtle Wax, Bug and Tar & Tree Sap Remover


After cleaning ALL surfaces should be rinsed with CLEAN water



Do not use any cleaners containting citrus oils as this could cause severe damage to your unit. Cleaners containing acetone or any products that contain bleach, esters, ethers, ketones and chlorinated hydrocarbons and isopropanol in concentrations greater than 25% should also be avoided. As use of any of these materials could damage the surface of your enclosure. Mineral sprits should also be avoided.

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RV Skylight 14 1/2 x 14 1/2 Inner Dome
Model Number: 32-595915

Price $56.38
  • Packaging Fee - 32: $15.00

  • RV Skylight 14 x 14 Inner Dome
    Model Number: 12-SL2525

    Price $139.57
  • 12-Packaging : $8.00

  • RV Skylight 18 x 30 Inner Dome
    Model Number: 12-SL2941

    Price $333.06
  • 12-Packaging : $8.00

  • RV Skylight 22 x 14 Inner Dome
    Model Number: 12-SL2533

    Price $188.67
  • 12-Packaging : $8.00

  • RV Skylight 22 x 14 Inner Dome
    Model Number: 12-SLG2533

    Price $181.93
  • 12-Packaging : $8.00

  • RV Skylight 22 x 22 Inner Dome
    Model Number: 12-SL3333

    Price $181.94
  • 12-Packaging : $8.00

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