RV Skylight - Exterior

Easy RV Skylight Installation Steps

Each Skylight has a recommended roof hole opening depending on size. This opening should have a perimeter rafter support at least 1 ½" beyond the roof hole opening.

  1. Apply ¾" - 1 ½" wide X 1/8" thick butyl tape to the inside perimeter flange of the skylight. Be sure to cover each mouting hole with the butyl tape.
  2. Carefully center the skylight over the roof opening and press firmly in place. Through the prepunched 3/16" holes in the skylight flange, start in one corner and fasten in place using #8 x 1" pan head screws. NOTE: Screws should be torqued down just tight enough to start spreading the butyl tape. DO NOT over tighten screws as this will cause stress at the screw point and leave the area vulnerable to chemical attack by some sealants. Over tightening could also squeeze the butyl tape out, leaving the area vulnerable to leaks. 
  3. Cover all screw heads, flange and roof juncture around the entire perimeter of the skylight with an approved sealant (see caution below for additional information)

NOTE: RV Skylights are NOT designed to withstand the weight of a person, tools or objects. Walking or placing objects on the skylight could damage the light, cause personal injury and property damage)


Do not use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners on this skylight

Never scrape skylight with squeegees, razor blades, or other sharp objects

Never use benzene, gasoline, acetone or carbon tetrachloride on skylight

Do not clean skylight in hot sun or elevated tempatures

DO not use Butyl Cellosolve on the skylight


RV Skylight Compatible Cleaners

The following cleaning agents have been found compatible with polycarbonate skylights. The manufacturer's recommendations and instructions should be followed:

Formula 409, Joy, Top Job, Palmolive Liquid, Windex with Ammonia D, VM&P grade Naphtha and Freon TF



Do not expose polycarbonate skylights to solvents such as acetone, toluene or methylene chloride. Some sealants contain solvents such as these to prevent in-tube curing of the sealant and will thin the sealant, giving it a self leveling characteristic. Before choosing the sealant for your skylight installation check the sealants compatibility with polycarbonate. Sealant manufactures will be able to assist you with compatibility inquiries.


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