Hehr Motor Home Entry Door

  • The door features a light weight core, inexpensive latch and plunger lock leading to an affordable door.
  • Available in both radius and square corners. 
  • A sturdy aluminum frame and a tough screen door is part of the standard  package. 
  • The door features a standard arctic white color.
  • White fiberglass is the standard on the exterior panel finish and  white embossed fiberglass is standard for the interior panel finish.
  • One standard stationary window is available in black and white colors. 
  • Meticulous engineering, and testing ensures the Hehr door is solid, weather proof, and durable.
  • Passed and approved with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 206, FMVSS 206 approved lock system and hinges installed.
  • Maximum standard heights 80" x Maximum standard Widths 36"
    Minimum standard heights 70" x Minimum standard Widths 20"
    Window sizes: 24 height x 15 width

Hehr entry doorHehr entry door with screen