Panel Skirting (J-Wrap)

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    Model Number:  12-11341
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  • 52" x 17" x 3" wrap under - Side Panel "J-Wrap". 

    Constructed of durable high-impact ABS Plastic. 

    Suitable replacement for the side panels of Glendale Titanium units.

    The panel has a "J" curve to it and comes in 52" sections, 48" of viewable panel & a 2" joining flange on either side. 

    Included is Hook & Loop joiners (x4 per panel) to attach together as many panels as needed. 

    The flange on the connecting edge needs to be trimmed off to overlap the flange when installing. 

    This allows for a flush surface, with a seam that can then be left alone, or filled with caulking to further finish the look.  

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