RV Shower Doors 71 x 54 3/8 x 49 5/8 - Barrier Free Folding Shower Door

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Model Number:  SS-FBS65
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Barrier Free Shower Door Hard Panel Accordion Style

Opening width range: 49 5/8" - 54 3/8" (For Opening widths not in the listed in range, use next larger door

Door Heights are built to every full inch from 62" - 71"

Door in open position 12

Opens from both sides

5 panels for this size door

Wheelchair Accessible

Residential , Commercial or RV shower product

Shower Door meets ADA code and are in compliance with ANSI standards

Full length magnetic latching system

High Quality Aluminum frames availalbe in Satin or Bright Finish

Panels are made of a high-impact, shatter-proof plastic with integrated flexible hinges

Opaque panels for complete privacy

Spring loaded roller system insures smooth, quiet operation

Water Dam for shoer is classified as barrier free and meets ADA guidelines

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Product Photo