RV Toilet | Traveler 310 China | White

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RV Toilet | Traveler Lite 310 China-White

Distinctive looks and leading technology define the unique appeal of Traveler Lite, an exceptional, china-bowl toilet crafted for lightweight design specifications. 

The perfect choice for limited space. Powerful, water-efficient flush aids in energy conservation; utilizes approximately one pint of water per flush.

Hand spray option provides an exceptional means for keeping the bowl clean while effectively conserving water.

Superior warranty reinforces the quality throughout the Traveler Lite toilet, which includes a ten year limited warranty on the china bowl finish.

Three year limited warranty on mechanical components.

Depth: roughly 10″ at base and 19 1/2″ for the lid.

Width: Seat – 14.7″ Base 8 1/2″

Product Photo
Product Photo