RV Toilet | Traveler 310 China | White

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  • RV Toilet | Traveler Lite 310 China-White
  • Distinctive looks and leading technology define the unique appeal of Traveler Lite, an exceptional, china-bowl toilet crafted for lightweight design specifications. 
  • The perfect choice for limited space. Powerful, water-efficient flush aids in energy conservation; utilizes approximately one pint of water per flush.
  • Hand spray option provides an exceptional means for keeping the bowl clean while effectively conserving water.
  • Superior warranty reinforces the quality throughout the Traveler Lite toilet, which includes a ten year limited warranty on the china bowl finish.
  • Three year limited warranty on mechanical components.
  • Depth: roughly 10″ at base and 19 1/2″ for the lid.
  • Width: Seat – 14.7″ Base 8 1/2″

Product Photo
Product Photo