Vortex Exhaust Vent Kit - 12V

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Vortex Exhaust Vent Kit 12V Update your old, inefficient powered vent easily without replacing the entire vent or compromising the rooftop seal. Just replace your existing screen with the Vortex upgrade kit. Make your outdated vent more powerful without buying a whole new and expensive vent.Replacement is easy and requires only a Phillips screwdriver. Tampering with the rooftop seal is NOT necessary. The Vortex vent works with Radius Corner, Ventline, Jensen, Elixir and all Heng's powered U.S. vents. Non powered vents can be converted with some additional wiring.

  • 12 Volt DC
  • 179 Cfm
  • White housing; 10" Black
  • 1-Speed


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