Toilet Mount Shower Pan 32 X 23 Fits Transvan

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Model Number:  01-331
Time To Ship:  10 days

Fiberglass shower pan 32 x 23 x 9 1/2.

Transvan Shower Pan toilet mount.

11-1/2 gallon holding tank. 3" ABS fitting installed

Centered in bottom of tank.

Available in colonial or polar white.

Product Photo
Product Photo
Product Photo


Ivan Trahan says...
Looking to find one installed for final appearance.

jonathan emerson says...
looking for install pic and also what toilet fits it do you also sell the surround for it for a pop up trailer

Dave Coates says...
I would like to be able to see better what you get and how a toilet fits this unit and what toilet you'd fit. TX

james ferguson says...
no comment

billy wilson says...
do u have a insttall pic and shower surround to fit it ?

billy wilson says...
What Toilet Fits this surround?

mack mcGown jr says...
what toilet fits this shower pan combo?