7900 Series Vent Glass Replacement


1.  Disassembly of Vent for Glass Replacement:

       A.  Open the window and locate the pivot brackets

       B.  Remove all four screws holding the vent to the pivot brackets.

       C.  Insert the blade of a screwdriver between the vent and the pivot bracket and carefully separate the pivot bracket and vent.  WORK BOTH PIVOT BRACKETS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO FREE THE VENT.

       D.  Carefully work the vent free from the window.

       E.  Remove the four corner screws from the vent frame.

       F.  If the glass is in one piece, place a block of wood against the inner side of the frame and carefully tap the wood, working it evenly across the frame until it comes off the glass.

2.  Installation of New Vent Glass:


  • The vent glass is 7/16" larger than the visible glass, encased in the vent frame.
  • If the broken glass is safety glass, replacement must also be safety glass.
  • Replace the channel rubber on the new glass.  If the channel rubber has been damaged, a new one must be obtained (part # H009-390).

       A.  When installing new glass in the vent, always begin with the top and bottom frame sections first.

       B.  Place the channel rubber on the glass, then center the frame section on the glass and tap it evenly into place until it is firmly seated.  Assemble the side pieces following the same procedure.

       C.  Install the four corner screws

       D.  Before re-installing the vent in the window, make sure the vent is square by measuring it diagonally.  If the measurements are not the same, gently tap the corner with the larger reading.

3.  Installation of New Stationary Glass:

       A.  Insert a putty knife or awl between the metal frame and the vinyl glazing bead.

       B.  Gently push a putty knife or awl into the vinyl bead, directly between the metal frame and the glazing bead.  Move the tool back and forth until the bead separates enough to be pulled free.  NOTE how the vinyl bead locks into the frame.  This information is essential to replace the bead correctly.

       C.  After removing the damaged glass from the frame, use the putty knife to clean the sealing compound from the frame surface.  DO NOT lose any of the plastic spacers used to cushion the glass.  These spacers are located between the glass and metal frame.

       D.  After removing the sealing compound and glass, apply new sealing tape (1/16" thick and 1/4" wide) to the frame surface.  Replace the plastic spacers by putting two on the bottom of the ledge, where the glass will rest, and one on each side.

       E.  If the original glass was safety glass, the replacement must also be safety glass.

       F.  Center the new piece of glass in the frame.

  • Make sure the glass overlaps the window frame equally on all sides
  • Begin rolling and pressing the vinyl bead into place.  Work the bead from the corner toward the center of each side.  The bead will go into place much easier if it is warm and well lubricated with a water-based solution.
  • Soaking the vinyl bead in a pan fill with hot soapy water will work if nothing else is available.