RV Glass Replacement 4800 Radius Torque Vent


All glass, including any type of safety glass, carries some potential of danger in handling.  For safety reasons always use protective eyewear and gloves, in a well lit area when working with glass.

4800 Radius Corner Torque RV Windows with Vent Glass Edge Exposed

Removal of the RV Ventilating Pane:

Remove the screen and crank the RV window fully open for working room.  Using a suitable Phillips head screwdriver, relieve the two screws at the ends of the vent, and slide the pins to the center to disengage them from the back frame. Using a small flat blade screwdriver or similar, remove the E-rings holding the triangular pivot hinges to the tilt mechanism.  Be sure to support the glass, so it does not fall.

Replacing the RV Ventilating Pane:

Reverse the process above.

Replacing the RV Stationary Pane:

(Stationary panes above the vent panes).  Carefully pry out the curved vinyl glazing bead by separating it from the frame with a putty knife.  Once it is loose, it can be pulled out.  The straight side of the glass sits in a pocket in the horizontal mullion.  The other sides of the glass must be released before this side is take out.  If the glass is intact, carefully pry it loose from its bedding.  If the bedding is hard, it can be softened using an electric hair dryer.  After the glass is loose, lift and pull it free of the mullion.  Try to keep the thin vinyl glazing wedge in one piece for re-use.  If there are glass spacers between the glass edge and the frame, set them aside for re-use.  After the glass is out, clean the glazing ledge of the frame, so that the new glass will adhere evenly.

Installing the New RV Glass:

Lay down an even bead of bedding on the glazing ledge.  There are many suitable, non-hardening bedding available from a glass shop.  Do not use too thick a bead.  It will have to compress in order to re-install the glazing vinyl.  Place the new glass into the prepared space, pressing down evenly on the glass edge.  Slide the glazing wedge between the glass and mullion so that it locks in place.

Installing the RV Vinyl Glazing Bead:

This process will be easier if the bead is warm and moist.  Soaking it in hot soapy water will work.  Fit the bead snugly into the corner between the glass and frame.  Roll and push the bead backward into the groove, so that is doesn't stretch.  A round end plastic handle, such as on a screwdriver, can help to force the bead into place.  Apply all pieces the same way.  Check to see that they are properly seated.