Square Corner Compartment Doors 200 & 300 Series


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Often called a baggage door, this door is designed to be mounted from the exterior for easier installation.

 This square corner access door is not only used in the RV industry, but also transit buses, and utility trailers.  The access door is offered in a wide variety of configurations.

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Square corner welded RV Battery access door200 Series - The 200 series square corner compartment door is an exterior screw mount door with a screw cover.  Comes in many different configurations depending on your application. Compartment door is often used for general storage or battery storage.

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Baggage Door RV Side view of 200 series RV compartment door



205 Series -  The 205 Series is similar to the 200 Series, but has a more modern streamlined frame.  All of the same configuration options are available as the 200 series.

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250 Series - The 250 series uses the same outer frame as the 200 and 205 Series, but incorporates a more robust door frame.  The latches are mounted on the door frame as opposed to the door panel for durability.

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                                                              301 Series square corner welded RV Battery access door with expanded metal

301 Series -  The 301 series is a medium duty baggage door.  The door incorporates a thicker door frame than the 250 Series, and more robust piano hinge.
Generator Rv Compartment DoorBaggage Door Rv Generator Compartment

Available Options:

  • Door Types: Single and Double Doors
  • Door Styles: Generator Access, Baggage Door, LP Door
  • Hinge Location: Top, Bottom, Left or Right
  • Lock Type: Thumb/Twist Lock, Key lock, Slam Lock, Locking Trigger, Non-Locking Trigger, Pivot Locking and Non-Locking, Trimark & Southco Locks
  • Door Styles: Solid, Wire Mesh, or Louvered
  • Standard Colors:  Black, Mill, and White
  • Gas Struts and Plastic Screw Covers are Available