Slide Out Seal Roll Pricing


Rolls of Slide Out Seals - EPDM - Ethylene-Proplene-Diene-Monomer is known for its excellent weathering and aging resistance, it also is water and steam resitant. EPDM temperature ranges from 20°F to 300°F. Extrusions meet original manufacturer and fabricator specifications for a variety of applications.

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"L" Section Section Roll pricing 3 x 1 .15
Model Number: 19-G8106R

Price $436.50

EPDM "P" Section Seal 2.625 x .875
Model Number: 19-G8105STR

Price $556.51

EPDM Flexible Hatch, Vent & Door/Window rubber seal
Model Number: 19-219STR

Price $192.62

EPDM Flexible rubber seal
Model Number: 19-2609R

Call for Pricing
EPDM Flexible Slide Out rubber seal
Model Number: 19-3563R

Price $299.44

EPDM Flexible Slide Out rubber seal
Model Number: 19-3939BR

Price $349.57

EPDM flexible slide out rubber seal
Model Number: 19-61073R

Price $315.33

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