Slide Out Seal Adhesive Application Instructions

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation-

 Use a non-residual cleaner (i.e., Isopropyl Alcohol).  Thoroughly clean the area where the seal is to be applied and wipe dry with a damp rag.  Dry thoroughly!

Apply a protective coating to all raw metal openings before application of adhesive.


Take seal in hand and begin peeling the release paper about 2 feet at a time.  Firmly press the adhesive side of the seal down to insure good adhesion.  DO NOT STRETCH SEAL!

Finish the seal application by continuing about 1/4" beyond the point of and cut off excess.  Pick up starting point and butt the two ends together.  Firmly press the ends together.

Important Notice

Products sold with pressure sensitive adhesives are subject to the following requirements:

  1. Handling, application area, and surface must be clean of any contaminants such as dust, wax, dirt or grease.  Application surface must be smooth.
  2. Do not apply to any surface when temperatures are below 60 degrees F and/or above 85 degrees F as the adhesive may fail to perform properly.
  3. Apply without stretching.
  4. Storage- The material should be stored in a cool dry area, circa 70+/- 6 degrees F, to ensure the uniformity and performance of the product. We will not be responsible for the performance of adhesives that have not been stored properly and/or been stored for longer than six (6) months.

Buyers are advised to test all materials prior to purchase to determine suitability and effectiveness for the particular application.