RV Shower Door 71 x 70 1/8 x 64 3/8 - Magna Fold Elite Shower Enclosure

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Model Number:  SS-MFE81
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Magna Fold Elite Accordion Style Shower - Tub Enclosure

Opening width range 64 3/8" - 70 1/8"

Wider widths available on special order

Door Heights are made at every full inch from 55" - 71"

Enclosure can be stored in an open or closed position

Construction is made for easy cleaning

Panels are made of rigid PVC integrated with flexible hinges

Opaque panels for complete privacy

Custom built to fit tubs or showers

Wide access to bath and shower area

Spring - loaded roller system insures smooth, quiet operation

Ventilated for quicker, worry-free drying

Safe flexible panels to cushion falls or slips

Aluminum frames available in Bright or Satin Finish

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