7900 Series Re-screening Vent RV Window

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7900 Series Rescreening Vent RV Window


1.  Removing the Screen Frame:

A.  Remove the operator handle.

B.   Facing the screen from the inside of the vehicle, you will see four plastic clips holding the screen in place.  Two clips are located at the top of the screen and two are at the bottom.

C.  Slide the two bottom clips to the center of the screen.

D.  Release the top clips by placing your thumb against each clip and exerting a small amount of pressure. You will see a small groove on the clip designed to hold the screen in place after it has been freed.  Once the clip is no longer holding the scree, move the clip up into the frame retainer track about 1/4".

E.  Place putty knife between the clips and window frame, then carefully force the screen up and out of its retainer groove in the window frame.

F.  Screens in the smaller 7900 torque windows series must be cautiously removed.  You may find it necessary to:

Open the vents.

Release the top clips (step D in section 7)

Completely remove the bottom clips from the outside of the window by:

Working the bottom clips loose from the interior side of the window.

Pulling the clips free from the exterior side of the window.

After the screen has been freed from its retainer groove, pull it down, releasing the screen from the top retaining groove.

2.  Re-Screening:

A.  On a table or board, nail 1/4" x 1" blocks of wood against the inside of each of the screen's four sides.  This will keep the screen frame square during screen replacement.  Be sure the groove is facing upward.

B.  Remove the spline from its groove by using a pair of needle-nose pliers.  The spline can be easily moved and replaced.