5 spooktacular tips to make your Halloween camping trip more enjoyable

A Halloween RV camping trip can be a spooktacular and enjoyable adventure.



Start off by picking a spooky or haunted location for your campsite, this will set the mood for your Halloween adventure. Here are 5 tips to make your Halloween camping trip more enjoyable: 

1.)  Decorate your campsite: Transform your RV into a haunted haven by decorating it with spooky decorations like pumpkins and spider webs. Add lighting such as twinkle lights or lanterns to set the mood. 

2.)  Ghost Stories: Share spooky stories around the campfire at night. 

3.)  Nature Walks: Take walks to enjoy the fall foliage and be on the lookout for any wildlife like owls or bats. If you are at a campground or RV park with other campers, consider participating in trick-or-treating for a traditional Halloween experience.

4.)  Festive Halloween Treats: Bring treats like s'mores, candy, and hot apple cider. Some other themed snacks could be pumpkin-shaped pancakes for breakfast or a “witches brew” stew for dinner. Feel free to get creative with your menu and make the most out of the holiday!

5.)  Pumpkin Carving: Carve pumpkins and display them with battery-operated tea lights at night.

Remember – Halloween is all about having fun and being a little spooky, so embrace creativity and enjoy the festivities while you are camping in your RV.