Slide Out Venture Actuator Motor 28:1

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  • AP Products Slide Out 28:1 Venture Actuator Motor
  • 2-1/4" Inner Gear


Please Note: There are 2 gear ratios with these same physical dimensions.  Please verify that the ratio you require is 28:1


 Before attempting to troubleshoot the Motor, make sure an adequate power source is available. The unit batteries should be fully charged or the unit should be plugged into to A/C service with batteries installed.

Do not attempt to troubleshoot the Motor without assuring a full 12V DC charge

The following tests require only a DC voltmeter (or DC test light) and a jumper lead.
Step 1 - Attach voltmeter (or test light) leads to the negative and positive switch terminals on back of wall switch. Does the meter indicate 12V DC?
If YES, see Step 2; if NO see Step 3.
Step 2 - If YES, at the motor, check the incoming leads to 12V DC (if necessary, disconnect leads at wire splices). Does meter indicate 12V DC?
If YES, Motor needs to be replaced. The motor is not field serviceable. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR.
If NO, Inspect all wires and connections between the wall switch and the motor. Repair connections as necessary. Recheck as in Step 1.

Step 3 - If NO, Inspect all connections between battery and switch.

Inspect 30A Auto-reset Circuit Breaker

Recheck as above in Step 1.

Since there are no field serviceable parts in the motor, electrical troubleshooting and service is limited to replacing only those components as previously outlined.

Thorough inspection of wiring and connections is the only other electrical service that can be performed.


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