RV Bathtubs - Full Tub

RV bathtubs are manufactured from plastic and fiberglass.  Actual dimensions may vary slightly from those shown. Fiberglass tubs are standard in Colonial White, and plastic tubs are standard in Brite White. If you don't see the model you need, give our customer service department a call at 800-216-2786 and we'll help you find it!


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24 X 36 ABS Bathtub
Model Number: k-310470

Price $317.37

24 x 36 Full Bathtub Center Drain
Model Number: K310470

Price $320.72

24 x 36 Full Bathtub RH Drain
Model Number: K310487

Price $317.35

24 X 38 ABS bathtub center drain
Model Number: k-310480

Price $328.02

24 x 38 Full Bathtub, Center Drain
Model Number: K310480

Price $331.92

24 X 40 ABS Bathtub
Model Number: k-310499

Price $342.38

24 x 40 x 11-1/2 Full Tub
Model Number: K310499

Price $346.51

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