RV Window Cable Replacement


Cable Replacement:

Open the window.  Remove the cable grommet from the latch lever with a suitable Phillips head screwdriver.  Remove the cable from the spring-loaded bolt latches at the bottom of the exit window.  Attach the new cable grommet with the screw provided.  Close the latch lever.  Feed the cable around the lower corner of the window, around the spring-loaded latch bolt and through the hole in the bolt.  If there is a second catch, feed the cable through the small triangular hole between the frame and the catch, and onto the other latch bolt.  At the last latch bolt, loop the cable as previously, crimp the cable to hold it in place, and cut off any excess.  (During this process, the latch bolts must be in the resting position {i.e.. No tension against the springs} and the emergency latch lever handle in the closed position in the frame).

Emergency Handle Replacement:

Using a suitable power drill bit, remove the rivet head holding the latch lever in place.  Knock out the rivet body with a suitable punch or nail.  Retain the spacer bushing which the rivet passes through.  Wit the latch lever loose, unscrew the grommet from the lever.  Screw the cable grommet onto the new latch lever.  Hold the latch lever into place and slide the bushing through it and the frame to hold in in place. Secure the latch lever and bushing with a .187" diameter pop rivet with a grip range from 1/8" to 1/4".  Open and re-latch the exit window to check for smooth operation.