RV Jacks & Hitches

Trailer and RV Jack will be found here, if you do not see what you need please contact us by the link above or calling us at 800-216-2786. 

Gen-Y Hitch RV hitches.

Gen-y Mega-Duty 10K 5" Drop Hitch & Versa Ball
Model Number: GH-424

Price $492.77

Jack-E-Up Heavy Duty and Jack-E-Station
Model Number: 37-HDU-STAT

Price $102.00

Gen-y Mega-Duty 10K Drop Hitch
Model Number: GH-414

Price $309.98

Jack-E-Up Heavy Duty Round Base
Model Number: 37-HDRB

Price $65.00

Gen-Y Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit,
Model Number: GH-413

Price $764.98

Jack-E-Up Heavy Duty Universal
Model Number: 37-HDU

Price $65.00

Gen-Y The Boss (Torsion Flex) 10K Drop Hitch 5" Drop
Model Number: GH-2135

Price $1,034.98

Jack-E-Up Standard and Jack-E-Hand
Model Number: 37-SDU-EHAND

Price $90.00

Gen-Y The Boss 16K 5" Hitch
Model Number: GH-2335

Price $1,109.98

Jack-E-Up Standard and Jack-E-Station
Model Number: 37-SDU-ESTAT

Price $93.00

Model Number: 37-JEHANDS

Price $42.00

Jack-E-Up Standard Duty Universal
Model Number: 37-SDU

Price $55.00

Model Number: 37-JESTAT

Price $46.00

Jack-E-Up Wiring Kit
Model Number: 37-JEU-Wirekit

Price $14.00

Jack-E-Up Heavy Duty and Jack-E-Hand
Model Number: 37-HDU-EHAND

Price $95.00