RV Hardware Replacement Instructions-7900


1.  Removal of Operator:

      A.  Rotate the operator arms enough to relieve side linkage tension.  Note the position of the torque arms.  

      B.  Pry off the "E" rings located at the small end of the torque arm.

      C.  Carefully center-punch the rivet heads on the operator.  Remove the rivet heads with a drill and a 1/4" drill bit. 

      D.  Remove the rivet shafts with a 1/8" drill punch.

      E.  Hold the torque tube near the bushing and pull up until the tube clears the window frame (mullion).  Pull the torque tube out of the operator and remove the operator.

2.  Reinstallation of Operator:

      A.  Reverse the procedure for Removal of Operator  (above).