Radius Flush Compartment Doors 600 Series


    600 Series - Radius Corner Flush Mount


Construction of the Radius Corner Compartment Doors starts with a full 3/4" laminated core, strengthened by a heavy C-channel interior trim.  Door core can be extended to 1.25" thick depending on your chosen door options. The outer frame is stronger than similar baggage doors, and comes complete with an attractive screw less exterior look.  Our laminated core offers an option for integrated backer, allowing installation of struts.  Our doors come in a variety of colors with several lock/latch options. The interior skin utilizes a durable .060″ polypropylene plastic or customer specific preference.

Hinge choices include a full piano hinge or a strong, solid extruded hinge.  The door is strong enough to be manufactured up to 75″ x 46-3/4″, for use as a utility door on the rear, with struts. This larger size has been widely acknowledged to improve space utilization within the rear wall.



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Door options include:

  • Extruded, piano and hidden hinges.
  • 3" Corner Radius
  • Thumb/key locks or slam latches
  • Side/top/bottom hinge options
  • Generator or battery doors can be vented
  • Double doors: vertical or horizontal split