RV Bed Door

At Pelland Enterprises, we understand the significance of customizing your RV to ensure maximum comfort and functionality during your travels. One often overlooked aspect of RV customization is the bed area, where comfort is paramount for a good night’s sleep. A bed door usually folds down from the sidewall of an RV or towable with an attached canopy.

Space Optimization

Custom bed doors allow for precise fitting, ensuring that every inch of available space underneath the bed is utilized efficiently. This is particularly beneficial in smaller RVs where space is at a premium.

Customization Options:

Custom bed doors offer the opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your RV’s interior. Choose from our selection of materials, colors, and latches to match your personal style and décor preferences.

Available Options:

  • Mill or Powder Coated Extrusion Finishes
  • Variety of Interior or Exterior Panels and Finishes
  • Latch Styles
    • Integrated Latch
    • Barlock Closure with Lockable Hasp
  • Aluminum Snap Cover
  • Extruded Hinge, Standard
  • Cables


Customizing RV bed doors is a simple yet effective way to optimize space, improve storage solutions, and enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of your RV interior. At Pelland Enterprises, we offer a wide range of customization options to help you create the perfect bed doors tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Upgrade your RV experience today with custom bed doors designed for comfort, convenience, and style.


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Quote for door and Cable assembly only tent not included for custom bed doors.

The primary difference between the 1126 series and the 1100 Series is that the 1126 has an extruded hinge as well as an aluminum snap cover to conceal the mounting screw heads. It comes standard with our extruded hinge. This creates more interior space for hybrid towables.


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81" X 46 3/4" Bed Door Kit
Model Number: 1126-81X46.75

Price $3,865.21

81" X 60" RV Bed Door Kit
Model Number: 1126-81X60

Price $3,665.92

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