MaxxAirr RV Ventilator Fan w/ Thermostat

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Model Number:  27-42-2094
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  • The Maxxair Turbo/Maxx RV Vent provides maximum ventilation even when it rains. 

  • The three speed fan allows selection of intake or exhaust operation. 

  • The powerful 4 amp motor and 12" diameter, 10-blade fan easily removes musty air, smoke and cooking odors while preventing heat build-up. 

  • Provides over 900 CFM on high speed, 680 on medium and 500 on low. 

  • The Model 1200T with thermostat allows the fan to cycle on and off when you're gone. 

  • Simply adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature and the 1200T will do the rest, RAIN OR SHINE! 

  • Attaches directly to your existing 14" x 14" standard roof vent with no vent removal required. 

  • Feature a translucent white, high density polyethylene rain cover with UV inhibitors. 

  • Overall size: 32-1/2" x 20-1/2" x 9-15/16".

Product Photo
Product Photo