Hehr 5901Passenger Side Slider

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Model Number:  5901
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Hehr 5901- Passenger Side Slider Window; Radius Corners; Clamp Ring Mounted; Please call us for pricing, or you can use the fax form; Rough Hole Size, Wall Thickness, Glass Color; Frame Color are all needed; If you are replacing a Hehr window, you can order with a Hehr Part number which can be found on the inside frame of the window, you will need to take the window out of your application for that number. If is a long number with dashes. Windows are made per order and are 12-14 Business days before leaves plant.Windows are available with an emergency escape.

5900 SERIES: EGRESS WINDOWS The 5900 Series offers two types of emergency egress windows:

Full swing out egress (-39): The windows include an auxiliary fixed frame with hinges. Upon releasing the emergency handles at the bottom sill, the main window swings out from the top.

The full swing out egress windows are most satisfactory in non-angled windows, which are wider than their height.

A clear egress area of 17" high by 24" wide dictates a minimum standard size of 21-7/8" high by 29-5/8" wide for this configuration.

Normal slider egress (9): The window when built large enough, will allow emergency exit by simply sliding the window and screen open and climbing out.

In order to meet current minimum escape area requirements, the window minimum standard width is 59-3/4".

For easy identification the window latch is in red color.


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