Magnafold Elite Shower Door 62 x 56

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Model Number:  236256
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  • Magnafold Elite Shower Door Fits 62"W
  • Available In 56"H or 58"H
  • Panels Shall Consist Of A Series Of Co-Extrusions Of Alcryn And Rigid PVC To Make It Fold In The Middle And At Each Vertical Edge.
  • The Standard Color For These Panels IS White.
  • All Doors Shall Have A Series Of Co-Extruded Panels, Extruded Aluminum Panel Stiffeners And An Extruded Aluminum Pull Edge That Are Interlocked With Each Panel.
  • These Panels Shall Have Floating Glide Rollers That Run Along A Grooved Header/Sill Which Is Attached To Aluminum Wall Jambs.
  • This Door Shall Give You The Widest Clear Opening Possible When The Door Is In The Open Position.
  • All Aluminum Pull Edges To Have An Integral Groove That Accepts A Full-Length Magnet And Strike Against A Wall Jamb With An integral Groove That Also Accepts A Full-Length Magnet To Give This Door A Full Magnetic Seal When In Closed Position.
  • They Shall Also Have Two Spring Loaded Glide Roller Brackets That Are Attached To Each End Into Punched Slots.
  • All Panel Stiffeners Shall Have A Spring Loaded Glide Roller Bracket That Is Attached To Each End Into Punched Slots. Glide Rollers Shall Be White Delrin. They Shall Attached To A White Delrin Roller Bracket With Stainless Steel Roller Pins.
  • Each Roller Assembly Shall Attach To Each End Of ThePanel Stiffener And Float Up And Down As The Stiffener Or Pull Edge Is Moved Along The Header/Sill To Insure Smooth Motion.


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