Magnafold Shower Door, 44-48 x 70

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Model Number:  224870
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  • Fits 44"w-48"w
  • Available In 65" -70"h
  • White Panels Only
  • Silver Satin, Brite Silver, Brite Gold Anodized Aluminum Or Painted White Finish
  • All Doors Shall Have A Series Of Folding Panels, Extruded Aluminum Panel Stiffeners And An Extruded Aluminum Pull Edge That Are Interlocked With Each Panel. These Panels Shall Have Floating Glide Rollers That Run Along A Grooved Header/ Sill Which Is Attached To Aluminum Wall Jambs.
  • Panels Shall Be Pre-Assembled For Easy Installation.
  • Panel Material Shall Be An Opaque, Fire Retardant, Extruded Polyethylene.
  • This Door Shall Give You The Widest Clear Opening Possible When The Door Is In The Open Postion. It Shall Also Have A Latch That Holds The Door In The Open Position.
  • All Aluminum Pull Edges To Have An Integral Groove That Accepts A Full-Length Magnet And Strike Against A Wall Jamb With An INtegral Groove That Also Accepts A Full-Length Magnet To Give This Door A Full Magnetic Seal When In the Closed Postion. They Shall Also Have Two, Spring Loaded Glide Roller Brackets That Are Attached To Each End Into Punched Slots.
  • All Panel Stiffeners Shall Have a Spring Loaded Glide Roller Bracket With Two Rollers, Which Is Attached To Each End Into Punched Slots
  • Glide Rollers Shall Be White Delrin. They Shall Attache To A White Delrin Roller Bracket With Stainless Steel Roller Pins. Each Roller Assembly Shall Attached To Each End Of The Panel Stiffener And Float Up And Down As The Stiffener Or Pull Edge Is Moved Along The Header/Sill To Insure Smooth Motion.

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