Hehr 5680 Insulated Picture Window

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Model Number:  5680
Time To Ship:  14 days

Hehr 5680- Insulated Picture Window; Radius Corners; Clamp Ring Mounted; Please call us for pricing, or you can use the fax form; Rough Hole Size, Wall Thickness, Glass Color; Frame Color are all needed; If you are replacing a Hehr window, you can order with a Hehr Part number which can be found on the inside frame of the window, you will need to take the window out of your application for that number. If is a long number with dashes. Windows are 12-14 Business days before leaves plant in California

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John Cole says...
My wife and i have purchased a Montana fifth wheeler. And we shipped it out to australia.When it arrived the exit window in the bed room was missing,We wonder if you can help us get another swing out sash section to match. We think the brand is a Hehr window it had a red end on a lever handle that clipped under a grey plastic bracket.If this sounds likesomething you can source i will send you the window size in the next email.