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8500 Deluxe Radius RV Sliding Windows

Deluxe Radius RV Sliding Window Features:

Large mounting flange for easy installation for easy installation with clamp ring

Heavy duty aluminum construction

Available in black or white frame finish

Only available in clamp ring mount, painted to match the frame

Safety glass standard in clear, light grey, dark grey or obscure

Radius Corners 3"

Sliding section has a frame around the glass

Picture window does not have weep holes

Removable fiberglass screen included

Window is 1/4" smaller than rough hole size

Stopped sill/stepped sill

All windows available in Full Egress depending on size

Minimum height for full egress 22"H; Maximum for full egress 35"H x 48"W

14 Business days before ready to ship out


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***Looking from the outside of your unit, the arrow shows which direction the window would slide.

***If the window is a passenger/driver slider the window would slide forward to the front of the coach as to not open when in motion.

***Pricing based on current part number, non-current part numbers will be subject to additional setup fee***


































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