Fiberglass Fender Skirt 69 x 14-1/4 Fits International

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Model Number:  01-261
Time To Ship:  14 days


No Screw Idents

Textured Finish



Sold Individually, Priced Per Skirt

Available In Polar White, Colonial White, Black, Grey, Taupe

Not In stock - 2 Weeks Before Ready To Ship Out

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david beckers says...
I have a 98 sportsman travel trailer. 30 ft-3nches, duel wheel. the 01-261 international seems the closet to what is now on their. I only need one, and it would be for left side, if their is a difference I am living in Texas right now, but I am going home at the end of March. If I need to order one, with regular shipping, would it get here on time, as the trailer will stay in Texas