Holding Tank Heater

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Model Number:  21-HTH-A
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Heater For Rv's & Motorhomes Holding & Water Tanks

  • Each Heater Delivers A Safe 120 Watts
  • 12 Volt D.C. While Driving or When Parked And Operating Off The D.C. Battery System, And 120 Volt A.C. When Parked And The Rv Is Connected To An A.C. System
  • The Built In Thermostat Automatically Activates The Heater When The Temperature Of The Tank Reaches Approximatly 34 Degrees F
  • Each Heater Draws About 10 AMPS. Therefore, It is Recommended That The Engine Be Running Or That The A.C.  Power Be Connected When The Heater Is Operating. Do Not Alter The Heating Wires
  • FREEZE PROTECTION- When Properly Installed, The Rv Holding Tank Heater Will Protect The Contents Of A Standard 15 Gallon Tank With A Minimum of 1/2" Insulation At Temperatures To 0 Degree F.

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