7900 Series RV Window - Vent Adjustment


1.  Vent Adjustment:

      A.  Adjusting holes have been provided to assure proper vent closure.  These holes are located in the hinge brackets which can be found on each side of the vent.

      B.  Move the lower screws to the next hole down to tighten the vent closure.

      C.  If the closure is too tight, move the screw up a hole.

DO NOT REMOVE THE UPPER SCREW UNLESS THE VENT MUST BE REMOVED.  A "bow" along the bottom edge of the vent can also prevent proper closing.  Moderate bows can be corrected by using a small hammer and block of wood.

       D.  After the vent has been removed (see section 4 below), place the block of wood against the bent portion of the metal frame.  Then carefully tap the block with the hammer

       E.  Keep in mind that the alloy used to make metal frames is designed to take some stress, but too much force an seriously damage the vent.  EXERCISE CAUTION while straightening the frame.