Hehr 5600 Insulated Sliders - Instant Quote


Hehr 5600 Series Insulated Window. Premium quality radius corner windows utilizing 1/2" insulating glass and is suitable for top-of-the line recreational vehicles.


Heavy duty aluminum construction. Frame has smooth aerodynamic profile.

Available with black or white frame. Clamp ring mount only.

Available in light grey, dark grey or obscure. 1/2" insulated glass (1/8" exterior glass - 1/4" dead air - 1/8" interior glass) offers air/water leakage protection.

Greatly reduces road noise. Window radius is 3 3/16". All window configurations are available in full egress (escape).

Egress windows are double sealed to reduce thermal-transfer.




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***Looking from the outside of your unit, the arrow shows which direction the window would slide.

***If the window is a passenger/driver slider the window would slide forward to the front of the coach as to not open when in motion.




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