Hehr 6400 Framless RV Windows

A frameless RV window is one of the most popular designs in the recreational vehicle industry. A frameless RV window allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of nature while you are on the road. Because there is no exposed frame, it also helps to create a more sleek design that adds to the aesthetics of your RV. Frameless windows are gaining popularity amongst consumers due to their high-quality construction and modern look.

Features & Benefits of Frameless Rv Windows

All sections present an exceptionally clean and flush exterior surface when closed with only ⅛" gap between glass sections.

Vent and exit sections utilize a hidden hinge design maintaining a flush automotive look.

All outside glass edges have a full “pencil” edge for safety and appearance.

4" radius for all outside glass corners enhances the modern automotive look.

Vent section has an easily removable bug screen and is operated using a custom built, low-backlash scissor operator with the vent opening limited to approximately four inches at the bottom.

Polyurethane bonding technology is used to bond the stationary glass to the window frame eliminating the potential for leaks and squeaks.

No obtrusive outer frames are used in the emergency exit models.

Emergency exit models have a full 17"H x 24"W opening and swing a full 90° providing a completely unobstructed opening.

No additional costs for installation tools or techniques since standard clamp rings are used in the installation.

Optional 1/2 thick Insulated glass panel. This system utilizes a double moisture seal barrier to survive in the changing conditions.