Magnafold Elite Enclosure, 55 5/8" - 60 3/8"

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Model Number:  SS-MFE72
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  • Magnafold Elite Accordion Style Shower or Tub Enclosure
  • Opening Widths Range 55 5/8" - 60 3/8" (For Opening Widths not in the listed in range, use next larger door.)
  • Easy to clean Shower Panels
  • Enclosure can be stored in open or closed position
  • Panels are made of rigid PVC with integrated flexible hinges
  • Opaque panels for complete privacy
  • Custom built to fit tubs or showers
  • Wide access to bath and shower area
  • Spring-loaded roller system insures smooth, quiet operation
  • Ventilated for quicker, worry-free drying
  • These Shower Doors are very Safe.  If you slip or fall against these doors the panels would flex to cushion the fall, helping to prevent serious injury
  • Shower doors are made of Aluminum frames available in Satin or Bright Finishes.  White frames available for an additional fee.

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