5/16" Fuel Injection Hose

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Model Number:  19-DM-FIL-3125
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Our SAE30R9 Fuel Injection Hose has been approved by Executive Order C-U-05-002 for use under the CARB LEV II specifications.  This hose is also designed for the extremely high temperatures generated by today's fuel injection engines.  This hose handles leaded, unleaded, alcohol added, diesel, and extended gasolines, resisting sour fuel oxidation.  This product is designed for use in the RV, Off Road, and Mass Transit (Bus) Industries.

  • Application: Fuel Injection Hose
  • Style: Fuel Injection (SAE30R9)
  • Grade: N/A
  • Specifications: SAE30R9/CARB LEV II
  • Cover Color: Black
  • Construction
    •    Tube: Fluroelastomer
    •    Reinforcement: Two Spiral Aramid Fiber
    •    Cover: CSM
  • Temperature Resistance: -29 Degrees F +275 Degrees F (+302 Degrees F Intermittent)
  • Inside Dimameter 5/16"
  • Sold & Priced Per Foot
  • Also Available In 250 Reel


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