Fresh Water Tank Installation Information

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Fresh Water Tank Installation

 General Information

  • Fittings can be located per the customer drawn print with a fill, a vent and a drain. You can email or fax the provided form to show us where you would like the fittings to be located
  • On tanks smaller than 30 gallons, a .375" vent and drain are required
  • On tanks larger than 30 gallons, a .5" vent and drain are required
  • The drain will be installed at the lowest point and the vent will be installed at  the highest point of the tank

Installation Recommendations

Water tanks should always be stored out of direct sunlight and protected from freezing. Tanks should be at room temperature when installed, and have complete support under the tank.

Tanks under 30 gallons must be supported on one side and end with .5"-.75" plywood or equivalent, and strapped securely in place. Straps should be 1" wide and placed 12"-18" apart. Tanks with a capacity greater than 30 gallons should be enclosed on all sides and bottom. Mounting straps should be 2" wide and placed 12"-18" apart. Straps and brackets should be bolted through the floor. Screws are not recommended for installation.

When determining the correct location for fittings, make sure that when installed, all stress is eliminated from tubing, fittings, and tanks. Use elbows to prevent partial bending or collapsing of the fill, drain, or vent tubing when a change in direction is required. Almost all fittings are "spun" or "heat-welded" into the tank for proper sealing. Sealants, pipe dope, greases, petroleum jellies, glues or other adhesives are not compatible with polyethylene. Should there be a need to install an additional fitting after you have received a tank, there are self sealing fittings available that can be installed by the customer.

To test a tank, fill it with plain water and check visually. DO NOT USE A LIQUID SOAP OR DETERGENT SOLUTION as teh solution will cause stress cracking in the plastic.


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