Atwood® Deluxe Power Jack - Short 2500 lb., White

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Model Number:  34-1250-2196
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The Deluxe Power Jack eliminates the need for hand cranking to position a trailer.

Atwood Power Jacks make hooking up a trailer hassle-free.  The patented design and convenience of push button operation take the physical exertion out of cranking a trailer up or down. Simply push the button to quickly and effortlessly raise or lower the trailer into position with complete control.

Deluxe power jacks have built-in lights that illuminate trailer tongues and towing vehicle hitches and a manual override handle accessible without removing the cover.

The Atwood Power Jack cannot change position until powered, giving you complete control over jack and trailer movement at all times. It is ideal for long-term storage, too.

Atwood jacks are not affected by temperature variations, providing solid, consistent performance regardless of the weather.

Atwood jacks are carefully designed to provide years of trouble-free use.  They require little maintenance and use a rugged 12VDC electric gear motor that has been proven in years of use under adverse conditions.

Heavy-duty 2-3/16" tubing, plus sturdy footpads provide greater trailer stability.

Rate of travel: 10"/minute

  • 4" shorter for easier access to LP tanks
  • Up to 2,500 lb. capacity
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Patented design


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